Learn 5 central priorities that define what it means to be “Vineyard”

Join Kirk Delaney, National Director of Vineyard Churches Australia as he teaches the 5 values that inspire us, inform our actions and create our "Vineyard" culture.

Our core values flow from the teachings of Jesus, reminding us what we are for, and to what we give our time, energy, and resources, as a family of churches.

What this FREE course offers

Whether you're just wanting to learn more about the values of the Vineyard, or a pastor wanting to disciple new folks in your church, this course offers you:

+ 6 short video teachings with personal stories (42m)

+ Quizzes and reflective questions for life application

+ An out-of-the-box discipleship tool (6 x 20 min sessions) to help you envision people in your context

+ Easy access eLearning from phones to TV/video screens

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