The Vineyard's story is the story of the kingdom of God

Join Alysha Davidson, Jamie Buscombe, Jonathan Gould and Jonathan Ives as they teach the coming of the kingdom of God over four eras - the Mosaic, the Davidic, the Prophets and the life of Jesus.

This inspiring sweep through Kingdom Theology will help you grasp the big story of the whole Bible and why Jesus came proclaiming & demonstrating the kingdom of God.

What this FREE course offers

Don't miss this! If you're wanting to learn more personally about the story of the kingdom of God, or a pastor or home group leader who wants to disciple folks in your church, this essential course offers you:

+ 4 dynamic sessions of video teaching (100m)

+ Quizzes and reflective questions for life application

+ An out-of-the-box discipleship tool (4 x 60 min sessions) to help you disciple people in your context

+ Easy access eLearning from phones to TV/video screens

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