Learn the attitudes, expectations

& vision of healthy leaders

Join Michael Gatlin, Senior Pastor of the Duluth Vineyard as he teaches on the attitudes, expectations and vision of healthy leaders.

Building on the important aspect of the character of a leader, this course looks at the foundational skills required for leadership and the IRTDMN process for reproducing leaders.

What this course offers

Whether you're just wanting to learn more about the essentials of Christian leadership in the Vineyard, an established leader doing a spiritual life-audit to check you're on track, a pastor wanting to disciple new leaders in your church, this course offers you:

+ 6 high quality videos of leadership training (2h 18m)

+ Quizzes and reflective questions for life application

+ An out-of-the-box discipleship tool (5 x 60 min sessions) to help you grow and multiply leaders in your context

+ Easy access eLearning from phones to TV/video screens

+ BONUS: 20 page guide on How to Multiply Leaders in the Local Church

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